Riffler: Instant guitar riffs

Riffler is a unique app that instantly creates unlimited, copyright-free guitar riffs. Riffler is extremely simple to use, but is also endlessly customizable allowing for the creation of an original, truly personalized sound.
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Why Use Riffler?


Instant guitar riffs

Just tap "Create" and a unique, copyright free riff will be created. The riff will be displayed on screen in guitar tablature and you can listen to how the riff sounds by tapping "Play".


Preset and custom sounds

The easiest way to get started is to select from a list of preset musical styles but for advanced users there is a huge range of customizable settings allowing you to fine-tune your personal sound.


Export audio and MIDI

Riffs can be exported as an audio WAV file or as a MIDI file. Riffs can then be transformed by adding effects or instruments using DAW software like GarageBand or Cubasis.


Great for guitarists

It's great for guitarists looking to improve their playing with endless new riffs to practice or to provide an additional creative spark of inspiration to complement their music. Riffler is also a fantastic ear training tool to practice transcribing and playing by ear.


Perfect for producers

It's perfect for producers wanting to stand out from the crowd by creating unique guitar riffs instead of using the same samples as everybody else. Key, scale, feel and tempo are some of the many options that can be used to create a riff to match your track.


Riffler is fun!

Most of all Riffler is fun! It's great for anybody looking to experiment and create their own music! Every riff created is unique and it can be fun and exciting to see what comes up every time you tap "Create".


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