Riffler™ is a unique app and plugin that instantly creates unlimited copyright-free guitar riffs.

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Riffler provides preset musical styles for quick inspiration, while advanced users can explore a wide range of customization options to fine-tune their sound. You can export your riffs as an audio* or MIDI file and, as Riffler is a VST* and AUv3* plugin, it can be used as a standalone app or inside a host DAW*. It's the perfect tool for guitarists seeking endless practice material or a creative spark as well as producers looking to add unique guitar riffs to their tracks. Available now for iPad, iPhone and Android with PC and Mac versions coming very soon.

*Not currently on Android.

Riffler offers an exciting and unpredictable experience for musicians of all levels. It's not only a valuable tool for practicing and improving your guitar skills, but also a great source of inspiration. Additionally, Riffler serves as an excellent ear training tool, assisting in transcribing and playing by ear. Producers can benefit from Riffler's ability to create standout guitar riffs, allowing them to fine-tune key, scale, feel, and tempo to match their tracks.


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Design, Coding & DSP: Jon Bell
UK based developer Jon Bell was a guitar teacher for over 20 years before switching careers and moving into music software development.

Creative Consultant: Jordan Rudess
Jordan Rudess is best known as the virtuoso keyboardist for Dream Theater. Alongside his Grammy-winning performances, he is actively involved in cutting-edge music technology.

GUI design: Vortex @ MobileMusicPro

Jordan Rudess and Jonathan Bell


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