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Riffler: Instant Guitar Riffs

Riffler is an unique app that instantly creates unlimited copyright-free guitar riffs. It's extremely simple to use, but also offers endless customization options for advanced users.

How It Works

Just tap "Create" and a unique, copyright-free riff will be generated and displayed on screen in guitar tablature. You can listen to how the riff sounds by tapping "Play".

Preset and Custom Sounds

To get started, you can select from a list of preset musical styles. For advanced users, there is a huge range of customizable settings allowing you to fine-tune your personal sound.

Export Audio and MIDI

Riffs can be exported as audio WAV or MIDI files, which can then be transformed using DAW software like GarageBand or Cubasis.

AUv3 Plugin

Riffler is both a standalone app and an AUv3 plugin. When used as a plugin it can be run inside any host app that supports AUv3 plugins.

Benefits for Guitarists

Benefits for Producers

Most of All, Riffler is Fun!

Riffler is great for anybody looking to experiment and create their own music. Every riff created is unique, making it an exciting and unpredictable tool for musical exploration.

Available now for iPad and iPhone. Android, PC and Mac coming very soon!

Riffler is currently available for iOS as a standalone app and AUv3 plugin. The standalone app is coming very soon to Android. PC and Mac versions will be available soon as standalone and VST plugins.

Privacy Policy

This website does not use cookies and does not track users in any way. The Riffler app does not collect any personal data or track users in any way.