Instant guitar riffs.
Just hit Create.

Guitarists: Use Riffler to improve your playing, composing, timing and ear training.

Beat makers: Don't use the same loops as everybody else, create your unique sound with Riffler.

Producers: Riffler, your virtual session guitarist, crafts personalized parts tailored just for you.

Song Writers: Instantly create accompaniments and explore unlimited new sounds.

Heavy Riff Generator.

Riffler creates unique, copyright-free guitar riffs instantly. There are a huge range of preset styles, whilst advanced users can explore a wide range of customization options to fine-tune their sound. Riffs can be exported as an audio* or MIDI file and, as Riffler is a VST* and AUv3* plugin, it can be used as a standalone app or inside a host DAW*.

*Not currently on Android.

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Riffler Flow
Clean Riff Generator.

The original Riffler was perfect for instantly making heavy, distorted, scale based riffs. Riffler Flow is a brand new app that instantly generates softer, clean, arpeggio based riffs at the press of a button. Perfect for rock, hip-hop, EDM and more, Riffler Flow includes the same great features as the original Riffler including audio and MIDI export and the ability be used as an AUv3 inside a host DAW.

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Privacy Policy
This website does not use cookies and does not track users in any way. The Riffler app does not collect any personal data or track users in any way.

Riffler - Original and Copyright-Free Guitar Riffs Riffler is a unique guitar riff generation app designed to create original and copyright-free musical content. Unlike other software that may use AI, neural networks, or machine learning trained on existing datasets, Riffler operates independently without using AI and without relying on pre-existing musical works.

Original Content: Riffler generates guitar riffs organically, without being influenced by specific datasets, artist catalogs, or existing musical compositions. Each riff produced is a fresh and original creation.

No AI or Neural Networks: Riffler does not employ artificial intelligence, neural networks, or machine learning algorithms in its riff generation process. The app's output is not derived from learning patterns from existing musical data.

No Risk of Copyright Infringement: Riffler's design ensures that there is no inherent risk of copyright infringement. It does not analyze or reproduce existing copyrighted material, minimizing he possibility of unintentional replication.

Accidental Replication: While Riffler is designed to generate entirely new and original content, there is a small possibility that a generated riff may resemble an existing one by accident. Users are encouraged to review and assess the generated riffs for any unintended similarities.

Please note that Riffler is intended for creative purposes, and users are responsible for ensuring that their use of the generated content complies with applicable copyright laws. Riffler's creators and developers are not liable for any copyright issues arising from the use of the app.

By using Riffler, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this disclaimer.